Logistics Services

We provide logistics services. Our Logistics Services provide our customers with options beyond their expectations. By working with our highly qualified loistics team and transportation comprised of both large and small fleets, we provide our clients with flexible logistics service options that best fit their day to day needs. When transportaions of cargoes is an issue faced by all industries under the given economic and natural conditions, our Logistics division offers cost effective solutions providing the best value for our customers.

We are entirely focused on delivering superior logistics services to our clients. With exceptional communication at all times, we are committed to our clients by offering a 24/7 dispatch and customer service. We do daily check calls on our drivers when they are on the road. We also allow daily check calls from clients on their cargoes, email updates and many more communication options are available to fit our clients needs. We make sure your cargo arrives safely on time to your door step.

Our storage and warehouse facilities give more value to our logistics service and thus our clients. We are committed to offer our clients selective options that best fit their needs whether it’s big, medium or small cargo with a consistent capacity that will allow them to move their freight in the most cost efficient manner possible.

Haulage & Transport

We are haulage contractors. We aim to freight mostly dry good consinments out of Lae on behalf of our clients to their customers. We provide Cargo Haulage Services from Lae to the Highlands Provinces and Madang. Our haulage services are one of the most reliable, safe and affordable because we take pride in delivering the best of haulage and freighting services at the most reasonable and affordable prices.

Sealand Freighters Limited offers many hauling services to various clients. Whether you are hauling household or industrial goods to construction or mining sites, we got you covered. With our fleet of Kenworth Prime Movers, twin steers and dump trucks you will always receive prompt and reliable services to any and every job we do for you.

Home Delivery

We transport and deliver home and household goods and products to homes, residential areas, hotels, restaurants and schools. Our specialist home delivery service transports big and bulky items such as whitegoods, browngoods and furniture from the retailer to their customer’s domestic delivery points.

Retail Delivery Solutions

Retail centers including supermarkets, groccery stores and accessories shops are main areas we forcus and help with our retail delivery service. Our delivery service teams consist of experienced cargo handlers provide a complete end to end delivery solution to our clients in the retailing industry.

Mining Site Delivery

We transport industrial cargos to mining sites.

Warehouse & Distribution Centers Delivery

Warehouse and distributaions centers are our main clients and customers.

Construction Site Delivery

W provide cargo transprot and delivery services to construction sites like new building construction, road construction, dams, tower and bridge construction sites.

On-Demand & Urgent Delivery

We provide on-demand transport and haulage services. That is same day-same-speed service to clients without delay. Here involves promptness. Regardless of the size or urgency of your consignment we have a delivery choice that will suit your needs. All deliveries are managed and controlled by our experienced and knowledgeable team who will ensure on-time delivery. We offer on-demand same day, urgent and express deliveries to ensure your item arrives when you need it. Our extensive fleet includes a full complement of transport vehicles, prime movers, twin steers and dump trucks.

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